The 2017 Transition

My work is founded in my experience with creative perspectives, continuous collaboration, and encouraging people to do what truly makes them thrive, and most importantly jive (corny, I know). Recognizing what makes us thrive is what powers our passion and drives all of our soul-fueled motives, allowing us to positively 'dance' our merry way through life. We dance, or jive, through life to release the purest form of our soul, wholeheartedly wrapped with all connecting parts. Without us even knowing what is in front of us, we push ourselves through challenges that allow us to enter places of unrecognizable growth.

The truth is, I had a very difficult time recognizing and believing my ability. Until I realized it was really all just a perspective which was actually a choice that I was making. Currently, I am at the point in my life where I can confidently create my very own choice of change while also embracing all imperfections along the way, pulling out the threads of greatness one knit at a time.

Where am I going with this? I've constantly gone back and fourth with myself with the question of 'HOW?' how, how, how. How can I make a career and a life with my passion? What will allow me to reach that?

Well, truth is, there really is no exact answer. Uncertainty hits like a wall and curiosity drives you to endless opportunities.Though, it is all about perspective and learning to map out the situations that push us to the greatest measures.

I started off with what I believed was most important: Actively refining and developing our most competitive challenges and motives. That is, the ability to know our self, the ability to connect deeply with others, the ability to navigate the uncertainty of any given day directly determining the ability to make a positive influence on not only the wild world but also internally and with the people around us. Growth is a bumpy road but the greatness is the best damn adventure.


Victoria Elizabeth