The 2017 Uncertainty

"I am thinking of quitting my corporate 9-to-5 job"

Sounds pretty easy, a few simple words can easily be put into action, right?!

Everyone seems to be doing it these days, how can it not be?!

I became tired of hearing about all these people quitting their 9-to-5 to do become a 'nomad' - sounded pretty cliche if you ask me. Though, look at me now, I have no room to even talk.

However, I don't look at it as 'quitting'. I now created my 'job' to be more so a dedicated lifestyle that is a constant hustle rather than just sitting at a desk for the standard 9-to-5 with no exposure. Now, I enjoy what I do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I am learning how to push myself to the edge of greatness in every way.

Countless amounts of time I found myself blabbing about places I wanted to see, things I wanted to do, and people I wanted to work with at some point in my life. I sounded so cool talking about it, so out of this world, but what a stinkin' bore it was to just sit there and talk about it. How about doing it? My biggest pet peeve was people talking about things they wanted to do but never making it a priority in their life to do it nor make it happen. Before I knew it, I became one of them. I was basically sitting there waiting for the right time, waiting for the next big thing. I was sitting at a desk in a cubicle for 8+ hours a day staring at two computer screens, the same three walls, and sore muscles from the lack of movement. 10 days later, 58 days later, 176 days later, 298 days later, 1 year later,(do you get the point yet?) 2 years later... still here ... 3 years later ... still here - same desk, same two computer screens, same three walls, but a different perspective. After working my butt off to prove myself in a company where you are 'just another number', I began to realize there are some things in life that are just not for you. Pretty simple of a concept but what was my next step? I was tired of just temporarily running away from my comfort to be exposed to foreign surroundings and then coming back to my oh so easy, repetitive every day.

Finding that inner strength to explore things that are uncomfortable and foreign to us is not always the easiest. But, to keep it simple, it is good for us. I was living my every day in an environment that almost became too easy of a life - repetitive and like clock work. Greatness doesn't come from the things that are 'easy' for us, nor does true growth. It is pretty easy to manipulate and throw words around to allow ourselves to feel content but pushing yourself to the edge is sometimes where we stop.

Lets be clear here. You don't quit your job because you are lazy or don't feel like working. You quit because you are ready to face the uncomfort of change and put yourself on the battle field to grow. You aren't giving. You are actually going to kick ass, even if you think you fail. Trying is a great success in itself. You are actually doing what a lot of people forget to do in their lifetime. their greatest extent.

Don't get me wrong, it was not that I regretted one minute of what I was doing in 'the corporate world' nor that I wasn't wanting to do it. Actually, the idea of not working stresses me out. It was more so that I believed in putting my efforts into a community where I was recognized and more connected with my every day.

To some, I had the 'dream job' for a girl in her mid 20's and I had a blast doing it. I worked for a large company in a cool city and went to cool events. Sounds awesome! However, what seems to be the 'dream job' for some is not the dream job for all. And finally, I came to peace with that. 'It is okay, dude' - words that I constantly heard and told myself. The moment of my resignation, I became sad knowing that I built an everyday family for 3 straight years which I was leaving but also a bit more content knowing they were lifelong friends which allowed me not to regret one moment. Without expecting it and crossing 'traditional company policies', they asked me to work remotely. WOW! Something so foreign of a process to them but hopefully an eye opener to today's working society. That was a prime example of comfort clashing with uncomfort, and I was lucky to work through that transition.

Though, truth is, I was scared as hell for this change. Scared of what what was next, scared of who I was because I stopped exploring parts of my talents for some time, and scared that I would fail those around me. But why? Fail? Failure is actually a great measure of success. It proves that we are trying and proves that we have the strength to get back up. I may not be making as much money and I may be working on Saturday's and I may not be following the 'the linear life path', but I believe in striving at great measures equals success.

Now, I travel and am working every single day collaborating with people, writing, learning, making and seeing my creative talent grow with 20,000 hours of practice. It is not about 'traveling' to see the world. It is learning to grow with changes and connecting with each day. I am not vouching for people to drop everything to go travel, nor do I have room to say that either or is bad. What I believe to be a great venture is the possibility of combining work to exposed cultural environments to be a harmonious way of life.The world is your office and the people you collaborate with on a daily basis are your life. I still may not know exactly what I want to do but every day is giving me a sense of purpose to want to know more. Many times when we least expect it, the greatest things happen. Golden opportunities surround us. Just as I never expected my previous company would allow me to work remotely nor how I never expected that I would now be collaborating with hotels, magazines, and international blogs across all coordinates.

Remember, it is all okay. Sacrificing some things for the those that seem bigger then ourselves is a great treasure. It is okay to try to live in those unknown and immeasurable thoughts in our minds. Success will appear through the fog and so will the unclarity of where exactly we are going. It is all about trying and that is damn good in itself.


Victoria Elizabeth

Photography by Anthony J Rayburn