C&I Studios | Breathing Abstract

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"Renee Falsetto has a soul that breathes and survives through originality and creating abstract art. She is a true expressionist in her very own way and all of her work is driven by passion. C&I Studios has worked with Renee in many different instances and the story that is portrayed behind her art is something that we are constantly eager to be a part of. Renee’s beautiful balance of design and color inspires individuals in every aspect of life and also in her own life as well. Renee is self-described and known as an abstract artist focusing mostly in oils, acrylics, and mixed media on a large scale of art. Her art work is what she likes to refer to as spontaneous and represents her strive for the freedom of expression. We are always excited for opportunities to work with people like Renee. Renee vows to bring powerful statements to each and every one of her pieces. C&I works together with Renee to showcase the talent and the story behind all of her art work. Many of her creations bring emotions and thought processes to the point of fulfillment, especially for C&I Studios. Similar to C&I, Renee enjoys creating things every single day. The beauty behind her work is challenged by obeying very few traditional painting rules and finding her own sense of uniqueness. There is a love for what Renee stands for and it is portrayed in her abstract work. We are always excited to film with people that are powered by passion. With Renee’s bold use of colors and liberal application of paint, C&I creates ways to boast her work and the stories behind her talent. What makes working with Renee so special is that we are all apart of a close community and culture that creates a unique energy."