C&I Studios | Dailies

This was written for C&I Studios Dailies series in Ocala.

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"At C&I Studios, we are full of amazing individuals that refine creativity and purpose. This is what makes us thrive. Every day is something new. We collectively create with extreme values no matter the extent it takes us to the finish line. We are not afraid to express our ideas or create something magical from those ideas. As a culture, we are constantly fully invested in everything that we produce and with an amazing team, work does not feel so much like work.

Each of us has a vision. It begins with a simple thought, creative idea, and before we know it the room is full of energy bouncing around. This is something so amazing to watch be put into action. At C&I Studios, whether we are on set or back in the office, this is an exceptional characteristic about our team.

During our trip to Ocala for the Howard Johnson Hotel, the C&I team really got to dig deep in their ideas and create something so awesome. When we all work together and bring our ideas to the table, there is truly a level of expertise in everything that we produce. This is something so cool to see happen and something so fulfilling to be a part of. It makes what we do extremely fun and exciting. We are so lucky that we get to do this every day. It doesn’t make sense sometimes. It doesn’t feel like a job to us.

At C&I, we dream differently. Watching our thoughts become ideas and putting our ideas into motion is something incredibly special to us. We are a bunch of powerful do-ers with a heartbeat for creativity. We are a team that supports each others ideas and flow of energy to collectively create on the daily. We will keep striving for this each and every day to come."