The Mykonos Mood

Erroguide: Travel by Design

For the love of tan lines, sandy feet, afternoon siestas, dancing on tables from dawn to dusk, and the freshest octopus you ever will taste. Need I say more?

Mykonos … well, I am sure that you’ve heard of it. A place with no boundaries. A place that lives by the sun. A place that encourages you to dance under the stars until the new days light hits the horizon. Then, you do it all over. Sun, siestas, ouzo, dance, repeat. I will say it now and say it for the rest of my life, nothing compares to the Mediterranean in the summer time.

I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of my childhood summers growing up on this island with my family. It hits home in my heart with endless memories. Over the years, this has been a destination that has become a serious hot spot for people internationally. To be honest, being a Greek native, I can say that not many Greeks actually still go to Mykonos unless they have business there.

Stay. There are endless options of where to stay. I would definitely suggest doing your research before just booking a place. Different locations on the islands, different beach, will all leave you with a different experience. Personally, I love Platis Gialos beach. Maybe I am biased because these are the waters that I grew up in, however, it will never get old to me. Mykonos Dove Hotel is seriously a gem and has everything you need for your stay. You will open your door to your all white suite with your very own private wooden deck and infinity pool overlooking the breezy sea. I remember saying to myself, “is this real life?”. Aside from the most stunningly beautiful art and architecture at Mykonos Dove, you are ten minutes from town, around the corner from numerous other hot spots like Nammos and Super Paradise, and the restaurant downstairs in a dining experience unlike any other. It is also family-owned and operated so you will not be disappointed during your stay. If you are considering staying here, I would book a suite in advance. Their suites are dreamy in every way.

I also recommend looking into Air BnB as well, however, most Air BnB’s on the island are not be directly on the beach. Since this island is a hot spot for tourists and celebrities, there are many beautiful hotel choices to stay at and also home rentals.

Dine. The dining experience at Mykonos Dove. When it comes to dining in Mykonos, it really depends what kind of environment you are looking for and where you are. You can honestly find great food anywhere. Personally, I really loved the dining experience at the Mykonos Dove. Pino Saccheri, the head chef, is an Italian expertise offering the most delicious mediterranean cuisine. Fresh swordfish and black truffle recipes that were mouthwatering, squid ink pasta, octopus that melts in your mouth, the tastes go on ...

When to go? Well, I would say that it depends on what kind of experience you are looking to have. If you are looking to party, the months of late July and August are prime times to go. Especially because a lot of europeans also vacation around that time. I would say that late May to the beginning of July, you will find less people, however, it will start to pick up the closer you get to July. Come September, some things on the island start to close down early and it definitely starts to quiet down. Hands down, the weather is beautiful every day of summer so weather just isn't an issue you in the cyclades.

If you are looking for something quick to eat, you must go to Jimmys Gyros in town. This is a Mykonos must - an infamous place on the island. Don't expect great ambience, just the best tastes.

Play. There is a lot of life in Mykonos no matter the time of day. Typically the days go like this: grab a set of beach chairs at a different beach every day, spend the afternoons lounging and listening to some of the best music, and start dancing on tables by dusk. I can recommend that you spend at least one afternoon at Scorpios. This is one of my favorite places on the island - such a unique little spot right on the water and you are bound to meet some really cool people. As far as nightlife goes, if you are in Mykonos town, I would suggest going to Caprice for nightlife or any of those little trendy bars where the mediterranean waters splashes on the dance floor. And of course, there is the Scandavian Bar. This bar is typically always hoppin'. No matter the night or the time you choose to go, you will find a great international community of individuals here just looking for a good time. If you are looking for a night of ambience, calmness, and good eats - stick around Mykonos Dove. You will not be disappointed.