Sober In Time

Leaking red wine where my heart once was -

Surrounded by 100 lovers

and still,

I am dissolving

like the foam on the shoreline.

I never needed you

but I always wanted you.

Emptiness is just a place of possibility.

I have cried

by a sea of strange faces

over the days we spent

and the days we parted.

Steeping in loss and acceptance all over again.

Isn't it puzzling how much space another person can take up even when they are not around?

Most times,

we know best when there is no choice but to let go.


I would rather stare at loss in the eyes

and watch the moments

we colored in fade to black.

The taste leaves me wanting more

even when I feel

my blue eyes

become green.

I skipped on honey in my coffee

and the saltwater tastes sweet again.

I am wearing new fabric on my hips,

new scents on my wrists,

and new lips on my neck.

Underneath a sky that no long falls for you.

xx V