Anything but ordinary

We have so much to teach each other.

And yet,

so often we just align ourselves with the people who think and live as similar to us as possible.

Those who reflect us.

Who echo us.

Because why?

It’s safe.

That is small.

Some think opinions are personalities

and dismiss whole groups of people with the wave of a hand

or the closing of the door

without a welcome.

Most talk about change

but don’t make the smallest change in their own life.

Others don’t even talk nor act nor care until the tragedy knocks on their door.

And then there are others who don’t talk but just scramble to change a million small things in hopes for basic development. Do we think we are awake because we have thousands of dollars in the bank and we are running around hungry for more and more to satisfy our self needs?

or because we’ve travelled the world to see if for ourselves?

But how deeply do we immerse within the local community of those places? Sit with an 76 year old man in the rural areas of Nicaragua.

Just let his eyes pierce you for what he’s seen and hasn’t seen at all,

what he has known and worked in the trenches for,

what he’s endured while staying a calm buoy in a strong sea.

Do we think we are good social activists because we know all proper lingo that will get us called out if we don’t use it after a costly 5-figure university degree?

Oh, and we must make sure to use all the right terms to smear them liberally wherever we get the chance so that people know we are a good one as well. We learn so much with so little.

Start living for the inner worlds that make us connected humans.

The one the exposes its most natural existence when we gather with minimal belongings in the weight of it all.

That’s the good stuff!

To walk within the lines only makes our life boring. Let's put ourselves in an uncomfortable situations in foreign places - we might just learn something we weren’t planning to and that could be damn good for us.​

xx V