Just fine.

I say things with nowhere to go.

I’m out here watching the water.

Wondering how long it’ll be.

We give it all we can give.

I listen to the ghost from my pride

and see the shape of your eyes dance like wind for the weak.

It all fills with distance

And I no longer tell the land from the sky.

Is it too soon to find out what is real?

I did think it all tasted too sweet.

My thoughts are just crumbs in the sheets.

Again and again,

hanging on like it’s my fault.

Quiet has a sound.

I understand now more than ever what it means when a stranger once told me that life is one long season of grief.

It’s about learning how to be accepting,

and still,

and small.

In this, we learn that small has the ability to take on the big in ways that don't need words.

These days, filling spaces with stillness.