The words are dismantled

Nature makes me cry.

When I look into clouds and sunsets and flowers and morning light I am reminded that we are alive.

I have always been drawn to shorelines.

It is like I am looking for the things I have once left behind.

But then I realize that we are all just learning to make lovely stacks with the rocks in our hearts -

how to stay up late to say the things we don’t say,

and huddle up close to what actually scares us.

Once a guy dumped me by saying ‘you are like the ocean and I am scared of deep waters'.

I change so quickly sometimes it scares me.

Nothing turns me on more than eye contact

and a human dropped into the mess of their humanity.

Different places and new spaces -

they all look much the same.

The streets are devoured with dreams and faces in collision with every stone they ever through.


but most times they do not hear a sound.

We move through everything even when it seems we do not.