Truths from a little bird in a big world

Victoria Elizabeth Lazarou

Dabbling Word Artist  -  Writer  -  Humanist - Says Hello To Strangers


Victoria, here. Welcome to my virtual love shack! 

I write in superlatives; in ways that are backwards and strange but the message is always clear.

I am a multi-genre writer specializing in building brand identities, a dabbling word artist with an itch for honesty,

a non-fiction prose scribbler, and storyteller rambling unsettled somewhere on earth's sphere. 

Writing is a soul-filled doing that develops a unique voice with unique expressions.

I write to translate ideas + emotions into relatable content. 

I write to expose fluttering thoughts.

I am sucker for painfully honest humans, full-time realist, part-time wild child, lover of all things kind, 

addicted to the sounds of laughter, a hopeless romantic for peace, 

foodie fanatic, love activist, simplicity junkie, asks a lot of questions,

overly curious human, always feeling heaps of feels,

constantly steeping deeper in to non-linear ways of being. 

If I am not here, I am there :  MAYSEA Studio or MAYSEA Movement

xx V


Memoirs of the misunderstood

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